Friday, May 17, 2013

MMM Day 6 & 7: Thriller Thursday & Franken-Fine Friday

I'm amping up for some toy (mostly doll) talk this summer,
so decided to end MMM with two totally ghoul 80's toys!

Thriller Thursday

Japanese Vinyl Michael Jackson Thriller Figures

I WANT! Especially the werewolf version.

Franken-Fine (Hair Design) Friday

Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Monster Shop

Stay tuned for a review of this soon!

What is/was your favorite monster toy?

 photo MMM2013_zpsf074c67d.png

Thanks to everyone who made this event a smash!

Now it's time to crash!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MMM Day 5: Wicked Waxwork Wednesday

I love both of those monster-filled films,
but the second is definitely my favorite.

Why? Look at all the legends who are in it: 

And who could resist rocking to that rad rap?!

while I'm on the subject of waxworks,
I must share my favorite episode of Get Smart:

House of Max ~ Part 2 here

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MMM Day 4: Terrorizing Tat Tuesday

Are you sporting some eerie ink?
Send a photo to me and I'll feature it next week!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

MMM Day 3: Musical Mumy Monday

Although Billy Mumy has played many characters,
he'll always be this monster kid from The Twilight Zone to me:

Anthony Fremont in It's a Good Life

So I was pleased to find out he reprised this role,
in an episode of the new Twilight Zone,
which you can watch here!

Cloris Leachman also reprises her role as his mother in it.
And this time there's a new monster in town, his daughter!
Played by Mumy's real life daughter, Liliana.

Did you know Mr. Mumy is also a Musician?!

He's made several solo albums, 
which you can check out here.

I'm more fond of his band Barnes & Barnes though.

Fish Heads is their most famous (or infamous) song,
but my favorite (and most fitting for this post) is Cemetery Girls.

Check it out:

Anthony: This was a good post, wasn't it? A real good post!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

MMM Day 2: Save the Boooobies!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sadly my mom is no longer with me,
but I'll be making a donation in her honor to this great charity:

You can too here!
Donations received today will go to women fighting breast cancer.

Not only will you be helping to save someone's life and boooobies,
you'll be entered to win some sweet stuff too!

Including this cigarette/ID case featuring my favorite monster mom:

Today is also Brother's Day for me,
since it's my brother Andy's birthday!

Here he is with Frankie at Madame Tussauds in NYC:
"Friend good."

Stay tuned for more wax works soon!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

MMM Day 1: Ghoul Golfing

Since today is National Miniature Golf Day,
I thought I'd kick off May Monster Madness with a "trip" to this cool place:

This Monster Mini Golf is in Columbia, MD, which is the closest to me.
They're located all over the US and Canada though.

There's even a KISS themed one in Las Vegas!

Anyway, you meet many monsters as you play through the course:
More photos of the course here.

The monsters include their original characters:

This place is more than a golf course though. It's like a Creep E. Cheese!
There's party rooms and an arcade where you can win tickets for prizes:

Speaking of prizes, you can win one from MMM hostess, Annie Walls,
if you know the name of the monster below. If so, go tell her here!

  For more info on Monster Mini Golf, visit their website here.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Fridays YOU Choose The Scare!

Remember the power you felt reading those 
or any Choose Your Own Adventure book?

Well, get ready to experience it again!

Every Friday YOU get to choose the subject of next Friday's post.

Not only that, YOU can write it too!
(Guest post must be sent to me by Thursday. Example of one here.)

All you have to do is leave a comment answering the following:

1. What subject do you want the post to be about?

2. Do you want to write it or do you want me to?

Making Horror Film-Worthy Costumes

Photo Credit

If you’re thinking about breaking into the film industry,
the horror genre might be the perfect introduction.
Horror films do not have to be high quality in able to be popular,
so you can focus on learning the equipment, writing and filming process,
and all of the intricacies of movie-making without too much pressure.

One of the most memorable aspects of any horror film is the villain.
Whether you choose to have a supernatural creature,
a mythical monster, or a rampaging killer,
the appearance of your villain should have a significant impact on your audience.
This makes costuming severely important.
Below are aspects to consider when making scary costumes for horror films.

Fake Blood

A horror film isn’t a horror film without copious amounts of fake blood.
You can easily make your own non-toxic and even edible fake blood.
This is ideal if you want blood to be on the face or in the mouth.
You can make fake blood using, honey, corn syrup, chocolate,
food coloring, or natural colorants such as beets and berries.
Adding a bit of blue to your blood keeps it from being too light.
Make sure to aim for a thick consistency;
real blood drips slower and more heavily than water.


If your madman spends most of his time in the forest,
his clothes will probably be dirty and torn.
If the beast lives in a swamp, it will be wet.
Take into account that our appearance is not related only to what we are doing
at the moment, but what we have been doing and where we came from.
Building this context with the costume adds a lot of depth to the character
without lengthening the time for exposition.

The Horror of the Unseen
Photo Credit

Some of the scariest films are those where the monster is never shown.
This is because the imagination is allowed to run wild and create its own terrors.
Consider having your villain in a mask, or always cloaked in shadow.
Show parts of the creature rather than the whole thing at once.
This also encourages you to pay close attention to the details of the costume,
since they may appear in close-ups.


What’s scarier than a masked madman? A masked madman with a chainsaw.
Would Cruella de Ville have been as intimidating without her cigarette
always threatening to burn innocent bystanders?
Give your villains props to add to their character
and increase the number of items there are to fear.

Costuming is only one of the many factors to consider when making a horror film.
It does a lot to strengthen the storyline, characters, and audience engagement.
What horror film costume has had the greatest impression on you?

This guest post was written by Marie Sumner,
a costume fanatic and horror junkie.
See what else Marie is writing by checking out her Twitter account.