Monday, April 1, 2013

Daffy Docs

First off, hope you all had a happy Easter/Bunday!

Since today is April Fool's Day
and Saturday was Doctor's Day,
I'm going to introduce some daffy docs.

This first fellow I'm sure you all know...

Sigmund Freud

Bet you didn't know he did cocaine and
prescribed it to his patients though!
He also smoked a BOX of cigars a day.
Even after having his jaw removed
and replaced due to oral cancer.

This next doc wasn't a smoker,
just a joker...

Sir William Osler

This Canadian card published his "discovery"
of Penis Captivus, in which a couple gets, uh,
stuck. He did so under a pseudonym though,
because he had made the whole thing up!

Now in zooms the Speed Surgeon...

Robert Liston

This Scotsman was able to amputate a leg in just 150 seconds,
but occasionally took the patient's testicles with it!
Patients weren't Liston's only victims though.
His knife hand was like a twister made of hacksaws!
So just standing closely while he operated could be life-threatening.
For example, in his most infamous operation,
he cut off the fingers of his assistant (who died due to infection)
and slashed the coat of a spectator who died of fright!

With surgeons like Liston,
no wonder this one decided to do it himself...

Evan O'Neill Kane

Using only local anesthesia,
this daring doc removed his own appendix!
Then 10 years later, he fixed his own hernia!
He was also known for tattooing his initial
 "K" on patients in Morse code.

And last, but certainly not least...

Patch Adams

This doc is still clowning around, literally!
If you haven't seen the movie starring
Robin Williams as him, do so, stat!

You may see me on this list soon.
Because I passed the board exams,
Cum Laude, and earned my degree!

Yes, sadly it must reside on my fridge till I can find a frame for it.

More info on Med School In A Box here!


  1. Oh Sigmund. The man who invented penis envy hated women and constantly had a big cigar in his mouth or in his hands!
    Thanks for sharing these little tidbits!

  2. wow! I guess they used to let just about anybody put a Dr. in front of their name. I've got to say that this blog post does nothing to assuage my aversion to doctors in general.

  3. Our title of "Doctor" was given to "Stacey" over 25 years ago while serving time for bank robbery... I do Not like Freud ( or Jung,... for that matter)... We had to learn how to care for illness and injury for many years ... we had No "health care" of any type then... Now that we are dying,.... we are covered under several Government plans.... So just doing what we can as we can... Best that we can do at present dear Lady Holly....

  4. ^_^ always fascinating how close genius is to insanity!