Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cures for Constipation

Sunday was Crapper Day!
(Get the poop on it here.)

In celebration,
I present My Top 3 Favorite Crapper Killings:

1. Dino dines on dumping Lawyer in Jurassic Park

2. Bad Guy gets deadly swirly in Austin Powers

3. Mr. Hardin gets it in the end in Ghoulies II

Ghoulies like to read in the loo too.
As you can see:
Ghoulie Replica Puppet made by Ian Frost

They also have their own TP!

Speaking of reading and toilet paper, check this out:
Get all 3 gory story rolls for just $10 here!

I even found a fitting holder for them:
Skulls TP Holder for sale here!

Before I wrap this post up, just a reminder:
This is the last day to submit photos for the contest posted here!

*Commences wrapping*


  1. well... this was a delightful post, it wasn't full of... at all.

    soorry it sounds like you had a rooster kind of day!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, for a post about the loo it was surprisingly free of poo! lol.

      I must admit I don't know what a rooster kind of day is.
      I do know I'm in need of your graphical skills though! You'll be getting an email soon.

  2. Those little bastards are hard to get rid of!

  3. Horror stories on toilet paper? That must be like watching a soap opera. You get a little more every day. One thing's for sure Holly, you really do show a "collection of creepy curiosities." Your blog is truly unique.

    1. True! It is like a soap opera. And aw, thank you! I enjoy searching for and sharing the curiosities with people like you who appreciate them too. :)