Monday, December 17, 2012

Musick Monday: The Killing Type

I'm posting this music video because:

3. It features AFP covered in buckets of blood like Carrie

2. It's (surprisingly) about being a peaceful person,
which the world needs more of now 

1. I adore Amanda F*cking Palmer


Check out this gore-geous gown inspired by the song:
Pictured with it's equally lovely creator, Kambriel, and AFP herself
(Both whom I've had the pleasure of talking to in the past)

More details about the gown can be found here.
(Including close-ups of the bloody bullet baubles!)


  1. how you been... i hope the world is treating you right... let me know on facebook please... i am getting further from commenting on stuff now...
    i do have this to share with you...

    happy day!!

    1. I've been good, but bad about commenting too.

      Thanks for sharing! I'm loving their name and sound. White Zombie is one of my fave films too.

      *Heads to facebook to wish you a happy doomsday!*

  2. Hey you two! Just poked about in here to listen to Amanda's music here. I now remember which one it is, as I see you mention it in your blog from yesterday Holly. Sorry I'm a couple years late tho lol! Love you both <3 xoxo

    *Is currently on Facebook, and misses you soooo muchly*

  3. You have talked to Amanda?! Yayy for you! And, I totally agree, the world needs more peaceful people like you guys. You two are the bestest and sweetest!!

    1. Yep! I met her after a concert in 2009 and told her I loved her lol. She said she loved me too. :) Wish I got a pic with her <3 xoxo