Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Treats

First off, sorry for my absence.
I've been without Internet and will be again soon, sadly.
I'm finally moving to my new crypt on Friday though,
so I should be back online for good by Monday!
 Anyway, on to the point of this post....


I ♥ Halloween Bat Bobby Pins made by me for Sideshow By The Sea
3 of these gorgeous Goth Temp Tats by Tinsley Transfers courtesy of P3R
(These are MUCH bigger than pictured. I'll be reviewing them soon.)

Want to win these wearable works of art?

Simply leave a comment with your name and email address
Share this photo on Sideshow By The Sea's Facebook here

Winner will be picked and announced on Saturday the 10th!

Speaking of art, check out this insanely awesome deck of cards:
With a doc who looks like Vincent P., it's the deck for me!
How about you? If so, get yourself one (or more) here.
There's some other sweet stuff available too.
Hurry though, cause the Kickstarter campaign ends TONIGHT!
Actually it ended while I was typing this! lol. Sorry guys.

I also pledged to help make this sexy, sparkle-free vampire film:
Why? Those boys are from my hood and it sounds good.
Plus for just $3 you could win tees from!
This ends soon too, so if you want in, go make a pledge here.

And last but certainly not least, I'm donating to this annual event:
See how to donate and all the KILLER prizes you can win here!

Now I'll leave you with another visual treat,
The Scarecrow & The Princess by Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions:

Made by southernndolll @ xpixie_palacex