Sunday, July 1, 2012

What the world needs now is...

Check out my post about Jack-O'-Melon carving here

So, I'll be posting all things Halloweeny throughout July,
AND throwing a virtual Costume Party on the 31st!
(Stay tuned for details on that soon.)

I'm also planning a Batday (Birthday) Giveaway on the 12th,
in conjunction with a fundraiser for the Save Lucy The Bat Campaign.
(If you'd like to donate a bat item for that, please let me know!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find I surpassed 200 followers while I was away!
These songs are dedicated to all of you...

"At first I wondered what hex I was under 
What did I do to be so different 
Then I discovered some others like me
Wonder no longer
Together we're stronger 
It's not so bad to be different 
Be true to yourself 
That's what you must be"


  1. I'm ready for Halloween to get here.

  2. I agree. The world really does need Halloween. In the meanwhile though, I really love your idea of carving Jack O' Melons. I love watermelon and eat lots of it all summer. So, I shouldn't have any problem.

    1. Thanks! Did you carve one? If so, I want to see!

  3. The Muppets segment has always been one of my favorites...( I often have viewed it on You Tube) ... And I enjoyed the Sid and Marty Kroft segment....Cool