Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bat Benefit Ball

Welcome, darklings! Before we start partying, 
check out all the ghoul goodies up for grabs:

^v^ A set of 13 5x9 art prints by Christopher Zenga
Including these:

^v^ A set of 5 11x17 art prints by Christopher Zenga
Including these:

^v^ A custom zombie portrait by Christopher Zenga
You'll be transformed into a zombie like me:

^v^ Original Lucy the Bat sketch by Christopher Zenga

^v^ La Mia Bella Morte Necklace from SideshowByTheSea.com

Here's how to enter to win them:

1. Make a Paypal donation to SaveLucyTheBat.org here
(You can donate any amount. Even just a dollar.
Donating $10 or more counts as 2 entries though!)

2. Leave a comment on this post with the following info:
Email Address:
Donation Amount:

Winners will be picked randomly and announced on Aug. 21st.

And if the prizes aren't enough to persuade you to donate,
just look at these faces!
Who can resist the cuteness?!
"Like" Save Lucy on Facebook here to get updates on all the bats.

there didn't seem to be much interest in showing off costumes,
so I guess we'll skip that part of the ball.
(If any of you still want to though, please do! Sign up here.) 

Now let's get Batty with it!!


  1. Hi Holly! Just made a donation:
    Name: John Plumley (blogger name: Giovanni Susina)
    Email address: johnp.plumley1@gmail.com
    Donation amount: $10
    By the way, I made the donation by going to http://savelucythebat.org/, because the link you've provided didn't seem to work for me. It took me to paypal, but it didn't take me to the right place, I don't think.

    1. Hey John,
      Thank you so much for donating!
      And thanks for letting me know about the link. I fixed it!

  2. WOW, I love the drawings, especially the girl :D But I love them all! <3


    1. So do I! The girl is me. :)
      You can check out more awesome artwork on his blog, http://thedayafterart.blogspot.com/

      And thanks for following my blog! I'll follow you now. <3

  3. Thanks for the kind words.