Friday, January 13, 2012

Undead Dating

I thought this video was not only amusing but appropriate,
since it's Friday the 13th and the dreaded V. Day is on the way.
(Though it will be Vampire's Day here! More on that soon.)

I understand that sexy beast Jason's frustration.
I joined a dating site recently too (for shits & giggles),
and was told my zombie photos were inappropriate!
So they deleted them! I was like wtf?!
That's discrimination. I should sick P.E.T.Z. on them!
Nah, I'll let it go.
Since there's plenty of dating sites for the undead.
As you can see:

Zombie Connect


Zombie Passions

(Well, three! Heh.)

Anyway, Happy Jason Day!


  1. zombies need love to, just a different kind of love... long distance.

    happy day!

    1. Yes! I knew you'd understand, my fellow zombie friend. :)

      Happy day to you too! I'll be emailing you soon btw.