Monday, December 24, 2012

Musick Monday: Jack & Sally Songs

This post is dedicated to my boyfriend,
Jonathan, whom I hope to see soon!

Our "We're Simply Meant To Be" Rings

"We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas"
- I Miss You by Blink 182

Sorry you'll have to play these on YouTube.
Don't know why they're restricted on here.
 I also apologize for the sappiness of this post,
but tis the season!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Freaksion Friday: Apocalypse Party Attire

If the world did end today,
I would've went out partying in something like this:

Check this outfit out on Polyvore here!

And since there's going to be a 2013,
I may give my Mad Model Competition idea another shot!
If anyone is still interested? Get all the details about it here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Musick Monday: The Killing Type

I'm posting this music video because:

3. It features AFP covered in buckets of blood like Carrie

2. It's (surprisingly) about being a peaceful person,
which the world needs more of now 

1. I adore Amanda F*cking Palmer


Check out this gore-geous gown inspired by the song:
Pictured with it's equally lovely creator, Kambriel, and AFP herself
(Both whom I've had the pleasure of talking to in the past)

More details about the gown can be found here.
(Including close-ups of the bloody bullet baubles!)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Krampus is coming to town!

Ms. E is my new roomie!
Appease the Christmas Creep,
by sporting his likeness from your head to your feet:
Krampus Fez

(Nike also has Krampus clothing here!) 
And as a Krampusnacht gift, here's a FREE zomb-ebook,
featuring poetry by some of my blogger buddies and me!
Grab it here!
Speaking of blogger buddies and gifts,
I won some sweet, spooky stuff from WicKED,
which I'll be posting more about soon!
(Thanks again!)

I'm finally somewhat set up in my new crypt by the way,
so I'm here to stay! Sorry for my absence.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm voting for a candidate from the Green Party,
but which one? Help me decide!

Frankenstein's Monster?
(I believe his V.P. is The Werewolf of Washington)




Zombie Lincoln?

Cast your vote on the poll!

P.S. Since my move was changed (again!) to tomorrow,
I've extended the Bats & Tats Giveaway.
So, if you're interested, go enter here!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Treats

First off, sorry for my absence.
I've been without Internet and will be again soon, sadly.
I'm finally moving to my new crypt on Friday though,
so I should be back online for good by Monday!
 Anyway, on to the point of this post....


I ♥ Halloween Bat Bobby Pins made by me for Sideshow By The Sea
3 of these gorgeous Goth Temp Tats by Tinsley Transfers courtesy of P3R
(These are MUCH bigger than pictured. I'll be reviewing them soon.)

Want to win these wearable works of art?

Simply leave a comment with your name and email address
Share this photo on Sideshow By The Sea's Facebook here

Winner will be picked and announced on Saturday the 10th!

Speaking of art, check out this insanely awesome deck of cards:
With a doc who looks like Vincent P., it's the deck for me!
How about you? If so, get yourself one (or more) here.
There's some other sweet stuff available too.
Hurry though, cause the Kickstarter campaign ends TONIGHT!
Actually it ended while I was typing this! lol. Sorry guys.

I also pledged to help make this sexy, sparkle-free vampire film:
Why? Those boys are from my hood and it sounds good.
Plus for just $3 you could win tees from!
This ends soon too, so if you want in, go make a pledge here.

And last but certainly not least, I'm donating to this annual event:
See how to donate and all the KILLER prizes you can win here!

Now I'll leave you with another visual treat,
The Scarecrow & The Princess by Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions:

Made by southernndolll @ xpixie_palacex

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moon-y Tunes

Here's some music to get you all in the mood for the Harvest Moon,
which appears fullest in the Northern Hemisphere tonight at 11:19 EDT

C.C.R. ~ Bad Moon Rising

B.O.C. ~ Harvest Moon

Ozzy Osbourne ~ Bark At The Moon

Type O Negative ~ Wolf Moon

Walter Egan ~ Fool Moon Fire

The Dreamside ~ Spin Moon Magic

Have a howling good night!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ahoy, Mateys!

And ye can win some spooky booty this a-way → wicKED Giveaways!
Including tools to carve a pirate pumpkin like ol' Pete!

Speaking o' spooky booty, behold this buccaneer beauty!
She be waiting for ye in Sideshow By The Sea's Ghoularrry!

And if ye choose her to be yer mate, this shall be yer fate...

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Introducing Wild Werewolf Weekends!
Happening every remaining weekend in Sept.
Since the Harvest Moon occurs this month (the 29th to be exact),
it seemed like the perfect time for some lycanthrope love posts!

And to kick it off, I'm proud to present THE BEAST,
followed by a conversation with the film's creator:

Q & A with Peter Dukes of Dream Seekers Productions

Could you tell us about the making of the film?

The first thing I did was go out and cast Bill Oberst, Jr,
who's the current "it" guy in indie horror.
I'd seen his work on an old history channel show called "Sherman's March",
or something to that effect, and I knew he was the guy I was looking for.
I invited him in for an audition, and two lines into the reading, I knew the part was his.
I got lucky because he was just blowing up at that time,
and I think I picked him up at the right time.
If I'd had to delay production a year, I doubt I could get him now!
At any rate, he did a fabulous job in the film, and aside from being a great actor,
he was a total pro on set.  He was fully prepared, focused and cooperative, at all times. Period. That can be tough on a small indie set like mine,
where we're shooting fast and things can get a little hectic.
I appreciated that a lot. For that matter, I appreciated everyone.
The rest of the cast, Peter and Alexander Le Bas were great to work with,
and also talented actors. John Snedden, my DP,
and the rest of the crew were like dog soldiers,
just working their way through the sheer madness of taking on a film like this,
with its production needs, and shooting it ALL in one night. Insane.
That took a lot out of me, and without everyone's support
 I wouldn't have made it through in one piece. :)
This film received more press than we've gotten on any other film before,
and was certainly a deciding factor in us deciding it was time to take it to the next level,
which we'll be doing with our next film CAGED.
We love what we do, we're good at it,
we've cut our teeth on 14 films and now it's just time.
Time to move up or move out. :)

You definitely made the right choice casting Bill Oberst, Jr. as the father.
Could you tell us a bit about CAGED?

It's about a mentally disturbed man who believes that a killer lives with him.
In the vein of X-FILES, TWILIGHT ZONE and perhaps a little TALES FROM THE CRYPT.
We're aiming for superb name talent and locking in outside investors. 
We intend for it to be our statement film. Our "we have arrived" film, if you will.
I have to be discreet I'm afraid with who's attached, 
until the lead role is officially cast at least, 
but let us just say it's AMAZING what actor is reading the script right now.
Uber talented, well known and respected in the industry, and for many many years now.
Has done big roles in big films.

Love the sound of the film and can't wait to see who the lead actor will be!
Let's get back to THE BEAST though. 
Were you inspired by another werewolf film(s)?

I'm a fan of many genres, but certainly have a soft spot for horror,
and I really wanted to take on a monster picture.
A classic monster picture to be exact. 
Something as an ode to the classic Universal films of yesterday. 
There are many classic monsters to choose from, of course,
but I settled on the one that I feel has kind of been the unwanted stepchild of the genre.
Werewolves have never really received as much mass attention and love from the
community as other creatures, such as vampires and zombies, the current "it" monsters.
Of course I was also leaning towards the werewolf from an early standpoint
because the idea of holding a beast at bay, deep inside you,
is something that I feel resonates with a lot of people, in various ways,
and I felt it appropriate to the story I was looking to tell,
so it all just kind of fell into place.

I agree, werewolves don't get enough love.
Lastly, just because I'm curious,
what would you do if you were in the father's shoes?

That's a tough one.
Who can really know until they actually face such a situation in real life, right?
I'd like to say I'd have the strength to do what's right,
and I won't explain what I mean by that until people have a chance to see the film,
but as a father in real life, I cannot comprehend facing such a difficult choice
and I hope (KNOCK ON WOOD) I'll never have to!

So do I!
Thanks for sharing with us, Peter.

Learn more about Dream Seekers Productions at their website here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back with Bats!

Hey! Sorry I've been MIA.
I was ordered (unjustly) to vacate my apartment (long story),
but found a way better one, which I move into on Oct. 13th!
So, until I have to go on another blogging break then,
I can get to the TONS of posts I have planned!

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to!
Since most of you decided to remain anonymous,
I just have two giveaway winners.
And they are... *drum roll* ...

 John P and Lauri E!

You may both pick a prize listed here.
(John, you get first choice though, since you made the larger donation.)

Here's another beautiful bat art piece by my pal Cliffhanger Croumbles
(check out his films here!), along with a fitting poem by Anne Sexton:


His awful skin
stretched out by some tradesman
is like my skin, here between my fingers,
a kind of webbing, a kind of frog.
Surely when first born my face was this tiny
and before I was born surely I could fly.
Not well, mind you, only a veil of skin
from my arms to my waist.
I flew at night, too. Not to be seen
for if I were I'd be taken down.
In August perhaps as the trees rose to the stars
I have flown from leaf to leaf in the thick dark.
If you had caught me with your flashlight
you would have seen a pink corpse with wings,
out, out, from her mother's belly, all furry
and hoarse skimming over the houses, the armies.
That's why the dogs of your house sniff me.
They know I'm something to be caught
somewhere in the cemetery hanging upside down
like a misshapen udder.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Musick Monday: Homage to Hitchcock

Happy Birthday, Sir Alfred!

I'm sure you all will recognize this tune...

Yes, the theme to Alfred Hitchcock Presents
and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

Now another video with a doomed doll...

"For me, the cinema is not a slice of life,
but a piece of cake." 
- Alfred Hitchcock  

P.S. I have lots of posts planned this week, so stay tuned.
I've also extended the fundraiser for
If you're able to, please go donate/enter the giveaway here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bat Benefit Ball

Welcome, darklings! Before we start partying, 
check out all the ghoul goodies up for grabs:

^v^ A set of 13 5x9 art prints by Christopher Zenga
Including these:

^v^ A set of 5 11x17 art prints by Christopher Zenga
Including these:

^v^ A custom zombie portrait by Christopher Zenga
You'll be transformed into a zombie like me:

^v^ Original Lucy the Bat sketch by Christopher Zenga

^v^ La Mia Bella Morte Necklace from

Here's how to enter to win them:

1. Make a Paypal donation to here
(You can donate any amount. Even just a dollar.
Donating $10 or more counts as 2 entries though!)

2. Leave a comment on this post with the following info:
Email Address:
Donation Amount:

Winners will be picked randomly and announced on Aug. 21st.

And if the prizes aren't enough to persuade you to donate,
just look at these faces!
Who can resist the cuteness?!
"Like" Save Lucy on Facebook here to get updates on all the bats.

there didn't seem to be much interest in showing off costumes,
so I guess we'll skip that part of the ball.
(If any of you still want to though, please do! Sign up here.) 

Now let's get Batty with it!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ask The Artist: Christopher Zenga

Christopher Z. with his portrait of Zombie Me

What type of art do you create?

Horror themed art. Mostly (but not exclusively) zombies. 

Where can we admire and purchase your art?

My blog:
Twitter: @chriszenga
Instagram: chriszenga
Facebook: the day after art

How did you get into the art field?

It was always a part of my life. I was drawing and doodling since I was a kid.
I never thought of it as a business, but as more and more people see your work you start to get commissions for all sorts of stuff. (album covers, murals, canvas paintings for personal collections) and all of a sudden you look around and your an artist!

What was your first creation?

Wow, my first EVER?? How about this, my first public illustration as The Day After
was Buster, the first painting in my Walking Tedd collection.

How long does it take to complete a creation?

It all depends on the size and level of detail.
I can do most custom zombie portraits in a couple of hours. 
Ie. This B-Sol custom zombie portrait (B-Sol is creator of The Vault of Horror)

What was your favorite creation?

Giraffe. He's not the first or the most technical or even the best illustration.
However, he has always spoken to me and to the fans. 
He's cute an creepy and just fun to look at.

I'm currently re-imagining him. Here is a sneak peek:

Who/What inspires you?

To many things to list them all. I will run down a few What's an a few Who's. 


Horror films: Everything from zombies to Godzilla to Thai ghost stories.

Comics: DC, Marvel, Aspen, old Tales from the Crypt.  

Music: I love almost all music. It puts me in moods that help me to create.
And the art is always different depending on those moods. 

I have been inspired in different ways by different people.
To name a few, Robert Kirkman, Michael Turner. George Romero, Tom Savini. Clive Barker,
George Lucas. Maynard Keenan, Buckethead. My wife Michele.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently re-visiting my "The Kitchen" series and creating new, darker illustrations.
The Kitchen is a poem my wife wrote and I am in the process of turning it into a children's book.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Draw for you first! Always draw what you love.

If you want to win some of Christopher's awesome artwork,
(including a custom zombie portrait!), stop by the Ball on Tuesday!

Thanks again for your time and generosity, Chris!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's break out the booze and have a ball!

I finally own one of them! (No, not Dan Aykroyd, sadly)

First off, sorry for my absence and the short notice, guys.
This will be a belated birthday celebration
and the beginning of a FUNdraiser for!
(Note: Attending the ball doesn't obligate you to donate,
but you'll want to when you see the sweet prizes. ;)

To attend, just enter your blog info in the boxes below:

Then on July 31st, post a photo of you in a costume.
(You can use this as an excuse to get dressed up,
or show off a favorite past Halloween costume.)

Please include this batty banner/button in your post too:


That's it. Can't wait to see your costumes! ♥

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What the world needs now is...

Check out my post about Jack-O'-Melon carving here

So, I'll be posting all things Halloweeny throughout July,
AND throwing a virtual Costume Party on the 31st!
(Stay tuned for details on that soon.)

I'm also planning a Batday (Birthday) Giveaway on the 12th,
in conjunction with a fundraiser for the Save Lucy The Bat Campaign.
(If you'd like to donate a bat item for that, please let me know!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find I surpassed 200 followers while I was away!
These songs are dedicated to all of you...

"At first I wondered what hex I was under 
What did I do to be so different 
Then I discovered some others like me
Wonder no longer
Together we're stronger 
It's not so bad to be different 
Be true to yourself 
That's what you must be"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Trip Through The Zombie Tarot

It appears the Zompocalypse may be underway,
so good thing The Zombie Tarot came out Tuesday!

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of the set,
which includes the following:

78 tarot cards and a 96 page instruction booklet

I love the retro artwork on the cards
and the instructions are excellent!
Even a novice like myself was able to conduct a reading,
(with eerily accurate results!)
The cards explain your past, give a glimpse of the future,
and most importantly, offer advice on which path to take now.
Which makes it a valuable tool to an indecisive person like me.

Now without further ado,
let's journey through a few of the 22 Major Arcana cards...

The Fool
† New Journey † First Steps † Hasty Choices

Starting out in a graveyard wasn't a wise idea,
but luckily you packed a gun in your basket!
Now shoot your way through the zombie horde here!
(Even if you lost the game, let's say you got through.)

After fleeing the graveyard, you spot a house!
The door's unlocked, so you let yourself in and find a TV...

The Hierophant
† Truth † Advice † Education

The Newscaster: Show these ghouls who's boss with hot sauce!

You're skeptical, but listen to the rest of his report.
(Which you can read here. Emphases on photo 3.)

Suddenly you see a zombie! So you reach for your gun...

† Resolve † Conviction † Inner Determination

But oh no, you're out of ammo!
Time to put the Newscaster's advice into action!
You run to the kitchen and grab a bottle of hot sauce.
No time to consume some, so you pour it on the floor.
The zombie lurches in, slips in the sauce, and falls.
While he's down,
you grab a butcher knife and slice his skull open!

Your victory dance is interrupted by the sound of footsteps.
You turn around to find your friend, who's here to fly you away!
(Hey! Miracles can happen!)
You grab knifes and hack your way to the helicopter,
get inside, and take to the sky...

The Sun
† Success † Enlightenment † Hope

Next stop Paradise Island or_____?

Back of instruction booklet

And lastly, a look at the Aces of the four Minor Arcana suits...
 † Swords                † Cups                                     † Hazards              † Wands

For more info and to purchase the set, click here!