Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh My Goth! I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Missed me? Missed me?
Now you have to kiss me,
under the zombie mistletoe!
This photo is old, but I had to post it cause it's so Gawth!

The 13 Days of Creepmas fun have begun,
and since I missed yesterday, here's day 2 and 1!

But first,
I want to thank The Haunted Rose for bestowing this beautiful award upon me!

Rules for passing the award along:

1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Pass it to 3 Gothic blogs you adore

And the award goes to:

Corpse Cafe

Daph's Dark Little Corner

Little Gothic Horrors

[It was perfect timing receiving the award,
since the Sophie Lancaster Foundation just published a book of poetry.
Which you can purchase here.
The poems are from a writing competition and are all about being different.
 I would've entered if I had known about it. Since, like Rose, I write poetry.
Some of which you can read here.
And if you aren't familiar with Sophie's story, you should watch this video.
Make sure you have tissues handy though.]

Now I'll leave you with a fitting Creepmas carol by Within Temptation ♥

Stay tuned for a Gothical giveaway soon!


  1. big zombie smooches to you... though are they kisses or little bites. that toe is cool and would make any tree spooky!

    all the best!


  2. I love the toe.. haha! Clever! Congrats on the award!

  3. Thank you for the award, it makes me shiver all over!!

  4. Aimee - There's also a zombie stocking foot to go with the toe! :D

    Jeremy - Thanks for the love, but please refrain from biting my brain! lol.
    And indeed, it'd look super spooky on a white tree splattered with blood!

    Squilibrato - Thank you! :)

    BeWitchy - I'm toe-tally in love with it too! lol. And thank you!

    Daph - You're quite welcome!

  5. omg! thank you for posting the zombie toe. I need to get one now that I know it exists!

  6. Amanda - No problem! It's on my wish list too! :)