Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Krampus puts the Creep in Creepmas!

Here's ways to celebrate Krampus Day anyday:

1. Construct your own paper Krampus figure,
complete with accessories and bad child!
Or if you're not into Do It Yourself,
you can buy a paper puppet Krampus!

2. Watch the Krampus in The Venture Bros. Christmas special:
(His hilarious scene starts at the 8 minute mark)

3. Bake and devour Krampus cookies

4. Wash them down with a bottle of Krampus beer

Bonus: Check out the awesome Krampus artwork here!

And this also awesome, but sadly faux comic cover:


  1. happy krampus day... weird and creepy!
    all smiles...


  2. That is such a super-cool paper puppet!!

    Happy Krampusnacht!

  3. What a great selection of Krampus items. I love that the paper Krampus figure comes complete with naughty child!! Haha.

  4. Yea!!! Krampus!!!
    Krampus cookies, why didn't I think of that:)

  5. Love the paper toy and the comic book cover.. really cool graphics

  6. Awesome... Krampus... I gave recommendation to visit your blog for this wonderful printable bit of fun...
    Keep up the great work
    ... the Doctor

  7. LOVE the puppet! Maybe I'll try making one...

  8. Jeremy and Spooky - Thank you! Hope you both had a happy Krampus Day too!

    Emma - Thanks! I loved the naughty child too! Wish they included more! lol.

    Daph - I actually didn't make those cookies, but plan to soon! :)

    BeWitchy - Glad you enjoyed! I wish that was a real comic book. I'd buy it!

    Dr. Theda - Thanks again for the kind words and recommendation!

    Kweeny - Did you make him? If so, I want to see!