Friday, December 23, 2011

A Creepmas Carol

First, here's the story narrated by the Master of Macabre:

Now I present my Creepmas ghosts:

The Ghost of Creepmas Past:
Casper in his first Christmas episode,
which you can watch here!

The Ghost of Creepmas Present:
(She's a Creepmas present to myself. >:)

The Ghost Zombie of Creepmas Future:
"Bah, humbraaaains!"

And the winner of the Creepmas Contest is...

Here's his spooktacular submission,
the dead sexy Corpse Bride, Emily:
I think she would look lovely on skin!

Congrats, Jeremy! And thanks for entering!
Check out his other awesome artwork here!

And while I'm on the subject,
check out my Corpse Bride snow globe:
I ♥ the zombie gentlemen!


  1. Great post Holly. Those Monster High dolls are so cute!

    Congrats to iZombie!! I love the 'Corpse Bride' and that artwork is so beautiful!!!

  2. thank you, thank you... i love the corpse bride too. it has everything... love and death, then love again.

    holly be safe out there, have a great holiday!


  3. Emma - Thank you! And yes, they're extremely cute and creepy!
    Which makes them irresistible to me! lol.

    Merry Christmas! x

    Jeremy - You're quite welcome! And indeed, it does!

    Thank you! I hope you have a very merry holiday too! x