Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sideshow by the Seashore

Which would you rather see as a weekly series?

1.) Bloody Beach of the Week
2.) Spooky Song of the Week
Or 3.) Freak of the Week

In this post you get all three!

Presenting Onethirtyeight and Jan Stephens' Coney Island Spooktacular!

Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!
Did you spot some familiar faces in the audience?

Speaking of Coney IslandI went there in Fall of 2004.
Sadly the Sideshow was closed then though.
I did however snap this shot of where it would've been:

Doesn't this look like a post-apocalyptic scene?

Although the beach wasn't bloody (sorry to disappoint),
it was still sort of eerie looking, eh? So desolate.


  1. My vote is for spooky song of the week. That video was bizarre!

    One more thing, I was reading Kweeny Todd's blog the other day and she posted some really cool art. If you didn't see this guy's work check this out:

    I have a feeling that you'll like his Twisted Disney Princess series!

  2. Thanks for the votes, ladies!
    Maybe I'll combine the two and do songs about or by freaks. :)

    Justine - I do indeed dig his Twisted Princesses! :)
    I meant to leave a comment on Kweeny's post.

    Real Queen - I've been meaning to leave you some comments too. Love your vids!

  3. Sounds like a good compromise to me! I'd love to see a series on songs about/by freaks. Yeah, isn't his art great? I liked the deranged Alice the best!

  4. I liked Alice the best too! (Of course. ;)
    Scarecrow Cinderella is a close second though!

  5. Oh, Scarecrow Cinderella was incredibly scary! I was surprised at the emotional reaction I had to some of these. I guess there's a part of my brain from childhood that is used to seeing the princesses a certain way. Still, it's awesome, freaky stuff! :)