Monday, July 18, 2011

Wacky Snacks and Spooky Sweets

Now that I have birthday money, the buying binge has begun!

One of the things I've bought are these Wacky Packages Erasers...
Which I was going to review, but somebody already did it for me!

And this isn't an official Wacky Package...
But I had to share it.
Especially since yesterday was National Ice Cream Day!

Speaking of ice cream,
I wish I got one of these at Friendly's the other day...
Monster Mash Sundae

I think I'll attempt to recreate it!
While listening to, you guessed it,
The Monster Mash!
So can you...

Don't forget to enter the costume contest too!


  1. Oh I love that Monster Mash Sundae! So I finally chose a photo of myself in a Halloween costume to send you. I know, I'm cutting it pretty close for your contest...I'll email it to you in a few minutes.

  2. I LOVE your costume, especially the hook! Thanks for entering!
    I'm actually going to extend the contest through the weekend.
    Since I've only received two entries, heh.

  3. Thanks! Haha Oh, that hook makes the costume. It's so silly with the black fabric over my hand. It might make a little more sense if I was wearing a long sleeve. :) I hope some more costume entries appear soon!

  4. You're welcome! :) And thanks! I'm giving them till the 29th.
    If nobody else enters by then,
    I'll do a random drawing to see which of you two lovely ladies win!