Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Halloween In July!

First off, the winner of the costume contest is...


Congrats! :) Just email me your address,
and I'll send your bag o' sweet monstrosities!
Containing mostly wearable treats made by me,
samples of items I may sell in my Etsy shop soon.

While I'm on that subject, I'd like to introduce my shop's mascot/logo...

Miss Monstrosity Tee shirt
Browse more Monster T-Shirts
[Design conceived by me and created by Omor Olvera]

She's also for sale as a customizable tee, as you can see.
[/Shameless Advertising]

Anyway, thank you to everyone who entered!
If you missed out on this contest/giveaway, don't dismay!
I plan to do another one at the end of August, because...

Speaking of giveaways,
I won 3 packs of Monster In My Pocket series 1 trading cards from The Midnight Brood,
which I'm going to go open now!

Then I may have a Halloween movie marathon, since I now own them all on DVD!
[Except for Halloween III (Michael isn't in it, so it doesn't count) and the remakes.
Though I'd like to own the first one. Haven't seen the second. Is it worth buying?]
Wish I had some Hallowine to sip on while I watch!

Sadly ya'll can't join me. You can however play the Atari 2600 Halloween game here!

Hope you stay alive longer than me!


  1. Yay! Thanks Holly ~ This makes my night! :)

    Oh, and I love the font you typed my name in. The little skull under the "J" is the perfect touch! I can't wait to see my prize. Between what we won from The Midnight Brood, and what you're sending, this month has been full of surprises in the mail! I feel like there's almost a triangle of prize exchanges going on with the the three of us. :) Once you win something from me, the cycle will be complete! It would be fun to set up some kind of monthly exchange of little prizes with a few people. My brain is suddenly working on this...

    Your new logo is so cute! I love the popping eye.

    Oh, a Halloween movie marathon! During my most boring summer vacation in high school a friend and I watched every one in the series. A warning: they do start to blend together after the third one. Anyway, it will be fun to compare notes once you've watched all of them!

    Thanks again and I'll send my address to you tonight!

  2. Congratulations to Justine. :)

    Hallowine! I never heard of that before.

  3. Congratulations Justine!

  4. Justine - You're welcome! Glad it made your night! :)

    That font is called Trick Or Treat, so it made me think of you. :) I loved the skull too!
    Does that mean I'm destined to win your next giveaway? ;)
    A monthly gift exchange is a great idea!
    Especially between Halloweeny artists/crafters.
    Where each person offers one of their creepy creations to trade.

    Thanks! The popped out eye looks like it's floating! lol.
    It's suppose to be an eyeball lollipop, but the stick blinded into the background. :\

    I decided against the Halloween movie marathon.
    I've watched Halloween I, II, IV and V many times, but the later ones I've only seen once.
    So I'm going to watch one a week, so I can savor them. :)
    Which is your favorite?

    No prob! I'll be sending your goody bag ASAP! (Going to make a card to add to it first though. :)

    Real Queen - Doesn't Hallowine sound divine? :)
    I haven't tried it, but plan to order a bottle soon!

    L - As Justine said, the three of us are in a prize winning triangle!
    Thanks again for the cards btw! I love them! :)

  5. A font named "Trick-or-Treat" I love that! So does every capital letter in that font have a little skull under it? I enjoy finding new fonts online. I have quite a collection of spooky fonts that I don't use. :)

    Haha, there ya go! I'm not sure when my next giveaway will be. Probably when I hit 100 followers.

    Cool! Yeah, I'm not sure how we'd rotate gifts. Like a Christmas exchange - Where each person randomly gets another person's name? I've never heard of a Halloween exchange, so this could be something new and cool. :)

    Oh, an eyeball lollipop! Gotcha. I thought it was hanging out of her eye socket.

    It sounds like you haven't seen Halloween III? Well, that one is hilarious and has nothing to do with the rest of the series. If I were you, I'd see I and II because those are classics. Then III because it's silly. Then skip everything until Halloween H2O! Everything in between III and H2O felt like filler. Although, this opinion is pretty much a decade old. Maybe I'd feel differently now, but I doubt it!

    I can't wait to get those goodies in the mail. Aww, that's sweet of you to make a card in addition. :)

  6. I found it and a slew of other spooky fonts here.
    (In case you need more to add to your collection. ;)
    Looks like only certain letters get the skull.

    I'm looking forward to it!

    Yeah, like a secret Sandy Claws! :) People could be partnered up.

    Actually an eyeball hanging out of her eye socket would've looked cooler!

    I have seen Halloween III and I agree, it is hilarious!
    Halloween I and II are my favorites, but I like IV and V too. Love little Jamie.
    Then I agree, skip to H20! I'll sit through the other two first though, so I stay in order.

    :) I'll try to get the goodies to you soon!

  7. Thanks! That's one font page I haven't downloaded from yet. You know, I don't think there will ever be enough fonts for my collection! It's always thrilling when I have an excuse to actually use one of them. :)

    Cool! Haha, Sandy Claws. At the very least, we should plan an exchange for Halloween! Well, we have one another's emails so we can figure something out.

    Yeah, I was digging the whole eyeball out of the socket look!

    Yeah, that song in Halloween III is weirdly catchy. I wouldn't mind watching that one again!

    I can't wait for the package!