Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zombie of the Day: Tarman


My favorite zombie from The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)
Am I the only one who finds him cute? Probably so.

I really want this action figure of him...
It's not for sale till June, but you can pre-order it here.

Anyway, party on!
Like this guy...

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  1. That's a sweet fig. Is it Todd McFarlane? I heard he's doing the figs for AMC's The Walking Dead. I have to have the half-body zombie lady crawling across the sun-splashed park. I would've loved to play Frsibee with her!

  2. That's a sweet fig. I will def try to find this when it comes out. The guy who played Tarman and other actors from Return of the Living dead are appearing at Saturday Nightmares can't wait to meet them.