Monday, May 2, 2011


I have lots of fiendish fun planned for May, (including a giveaway!)

I also received my first blog award from my favorite fiend, iZombie!

I'm instructed to pass it on to fifteen bloggers.
But first I must state seven facts about myself.
So, here we go...

1. "I am the girl anachronism." I feel out of place in this time period.

2. That quote is from a song by my favorite band, The Dresden Dolls.

3. Speaking of music, I'm an aspiring rapper singer/song writer.

4. I also aspire to be like Elvira, but those are some big cups to fill!

5. Speaking of size, I'm a midget fun size! A mere 4 ft. 11 in. tall.

6. So I'm often mistook for a kid. Especially when I wear lolita attire.

7. Yes, I'm a girly ghoul. I like dressing up and attending mad tea parties.

And the award goes to...

This was tough. All my followers are versatile and make me smile.
I noticed many of you already have this award though.
So, I gave it to the brilliant blogs who seem underappreciated.
I also want to thank everyone who's following me.
(If you're following me and I'm not following you, let me know!)


  1. Thanks for passing the award to me! Your Elvira line was great. :)

  2. No problem! You deserve it. And thank you! :)

  3. What a happy surprise! Thanks so much!! :D

  4. Thank you so much Holly! I was happy to see you win this award and was extremely pleased to see that you included me in the other bloggers you’ve passed it on to. It really made my day! I gladly accept this fine award from you. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.

  5. Spookworks - No problem! I loved the facts you posted, especially the one about Spongebob. :)

    Giovanni - No problem! You're awesome, so is your blog. And thank you! :D

  6. Aw shucks...for moi? Seriously, thanks for the blog love- I definitely appreciate it, even if I am a little late in coming by to accept! I'll be sure and mention it, and you, in my next post.

    -Lou aka Bleaux Leaux

  7. Thank you Holly. Glad to see you picked the 15 best, ahem.

  8. Thanks Holly. I appreciate the kudos. I'm so not a joiner though... being an anarchist at heart, so I won't pass this along. I'm just a bloody spoil-sport. What can I say?
    But congratulations to you and your fun lolita style horror blog! I always enjoy.

  9. So stupid I missed that! Thanks a lot for the kindness Holly, I appreciate that a lot.
    Great bunch of selections!

  10. you rock and well deserved...
    many happy... everythings.

  11. Bleaux Leaux - No problem! You were fashionably late.

    Just like me with these replies. Sorry, guys!

    Doctor Cyclops - No problem! And I agree, you all are the bloody best!

    Ms Corpse - No problem! Accepting is optional. And thank you!

    Zombie Rust - No problem! There's no time limit.
    Thank you for the fan/follow on Facebook & Twitter!

    iZombie - Thank you so much for all the love!

  12. Thanks Holly, I’ve added your blog to my blogroll

  13. Holly you rock! Thanks so much for the thought! You've inspired me to blow up my blog with even more posts now!

  14. No problem, L! (Are you a Death Note fan by chance? :)
    And thank you! You rock too! I'm looking forward to your posts!

  15. I am absolutely a Death Note Fan, along with a Holly's Horrorland fan of course :)

  16. Sadly, I don't have Blogger anymore. I used to tho! But, I'm glad that I'm following you by emails, since I get notifications of your new sweet blogs, even tho I'm notified late lol. I'm glad to be your biggest fan, and am glad you told me about your blog last year (I think it was). Thanks for following me too boo. Love you! <3 xoxo