Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear ThinkGeek,

You're cruel for tempting me with that undead treat,
but I still love you!

~ An April Fool

Please tell me I wasn't the only one who tried to buy it?

[Edit: You CAN buy the bunny now! FOR REAL! :]

Anyway, on to another awesome item for sale soon.

I discovered this delightfully disturbing book thanks to my blogger buddy Joel's review!


  1. wow, i say wow... i want both. though i hate candy... not all candy just chocolate, well not all chocolate... grreat post today, lady!

  2. I'm not that crazy about chocolate either.
    (Except for vicious, delicious white chocolate! :)
    Thank ya, sir!

  3. I love the zombie bunny design, but I wouldn't want to eat it!

  4. I probably wouldn't eat it either.
    Just put it on a shelf and admire it! :)

  5. Ha! Well, if you leave this on a shelf too long, you'll end up with a white chocolate bunny! Unless that green coating is somehow preserving it. :)

  6. I mean a refrigerator shelf! lol. Wonder how long it'd last.

  7. Oh - Well that's different then. :) Well, I guess it could last pretty long in the fridge, although it might taste interesting after a point...I have to wonder how it tastes in its freshest state!