Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Jason is taking his day back! (Though he'll have to wait till May to slay.)

Wish I thought of this first. Mike of My Rotting Brain is a genius!
Speaking of Jason, you can meet the men behind the mask at Monster Mania Con 18!
June 3 - 5 in Baltimore, MD. Which isn't too far from me! So, I might go. Are you?
If I do, I'm getting this Camp Crystal Lake Counselor tee to wear too!


  1. Great video - but I HASTA get me that shirt!

    - TGWD

  2. Ha! Love the t-shirt!!! Nice blog too. :-)

  3. Glad you guys dig the t-shirt too! :)

    And thank you, Cyberschizoid! :) Welcome!