Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day of the Dekker

Thomas Dekker was a guest on Elvira's Movie Macabre,
(which originally aired on Feb. 19th, but I didn't see it till today.)
Here are some scenes for those who missed it...

Cassandra (Elvira) also plays his mother in All About Evil (2010)

Have any of you seen it? I still haven't, sadly.
(30 bucks for a DVD is a bit pricey for a cheap bum like me.)

Also kicking myself for not going to the local showing last summer.
They toured the country, and the pre-shows sounded pretty sweet!
Especially the West Coast ones, since Thomas performed in them...

I rarely get crushes on younger celebrities, but I swoon over him.
Especially dressed as The Crow. ♥ Loving his song too!

I almost even endured the new Nightmare on Elm Street for him.

He also stars in From Within (2008) and Laid to Rest (2009)

To those who have see them, are they worth checking out?

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