Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favorite Monsters

Now adorn my wall!
I filled my film strip frame with Universal monster postcards from Gorey Details ♥
Check it out...


Dracula and Drac & snack

Frankenstein head shot and full shot

The Mummy and Wolfman

And last but not least,
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
A.K.A. Gillman!

I would've included Frankenstein's Bride,
but couldn't find a postcard of her, sadly.

So, who's your favorite Universal monster?
Cast your vote in my current poll!
(And/Or leave a comment.)


  1. Frankenstein's monster by a whisker over Dracula. Although, given her very limited screen time, a case could be made that the Bride of Frankenstein left the most indelible impression...

  2. Same here. Love them both, but Frankenstein's monster wins.
    Followed by Gillman. (I have a thing for green men. ;)
    And that's true! I actually just found a photo of her, signed by Elsa. :)

  3. i think i have a black and white of the bride, i can send you a digi-photo?