Friday, December 10, 2010

Ghoulest Gifts

Ten great gifts (imho) for the zombie enthusiast on your list:

Brains! Part of a balanced diet.

Eat them, before they eat you!
(Not for sale till next month though, sadly.)

Add flavor to that fresh flesh!

Wash down that salty flesh,
and gain energy for fighting!

Place in water.
Then watch this brain grow from bitty to life-size!

Ever wanted to hug a zombie?
Now you can!
(I ordered one for myself. >:)

Have Ben battle the graveyard zombie.
(Just get him a G.I. Joe gun first!)

Available in 4 colors,
and comes signed by Kyra Schon!

For fellow computer geek ghouls!

Prepare for the approaching zombie apocalypse!
(And have fun while doing so. :)

This was my contribution to the Blogger Zombie Walk!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Those were amazing and I want every single one of them! That shooting gallery is a hoot. That's what I need on my desk at work for when I need a break. Great finds!

  2. Great list... I want to try the zombie jerky.

  3. totally want the mouse gear, tasty post on the zombies...

  4. Those are very cool. My Zombie Walk contribution is HERE .

  5. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Glad you liked the list.

    The shooting gallery would be a great way to work out your frustrations during a stressful day. :)

    I can't wait to taste the zombie meat too!

    Me too! I was surprised to find it on the Sears website. Pleasantly surprised! :)

    I'm in love with it too! And it's only a buck, can't beat that!

    @Monkey Man
    I dig your Zombie Saint Nic fic! :)

  6. I am getting some zombie blood. It's going to make me feel soooo much better :)

  7. I like this list a lot, lots of great gift ideas.

  8. @Pangs
    Let me know how it is! Wish I bought a bag, or 2 or 3.

    Thanks! There's lots of great zombie items out there, was hard to pick just ten.

  9. My dearest sis Holly. I just stumbled through this postie. *gasp* I know I shoulda done so, looooooooooooooooong time ago! The pyramid cracked me up hahaha! I agree the brain is the most essential part of a balanced diet! Sadly tho, I must admit that I have been having too many brain farts. Got anything to cure those? I miss you so very dearly, and am hoping you're ok. Love you so much! You are always in my heart and on my...well, brains! ;). Pwease lemme know when you get this. You are truly the most talented, amazing, awesomest, ghoulest, bootifulest, sweetest little sister! <3 xoxo