Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Deck the Halls with Parts of Wally!"

Or any of these creepy Christmas items!

When you're done decorating,
sing some of these zombified carols!

(I enjoy zombifying songs myself, as you can see. :)

Or just listen to some creepified classics!
Such as this....


  1. Hey Holly... love the Alice Cooper vid _\m/

  2. Greetings Ms Corpse, glad you loved the vid too!
    They picked perfect pics to accompany that killer song!

  3. Can't beat Alice Cooper for the horror-day season. If you like horror for your holidays, you might enjoy my short post, "Slay Belles In The Night," a New Orleans Christmas tale, starring a young boy and his ghoul friend, Alice.

    Hope your holiday season is filled with only happy surprises, Roland

  4. Indeed. And I LOVED your story! Especially Alice.
    (I wear Gothic Lolita attire myself. :)

    Thank you! Hope you have a happy horror-day season too!