Monday, May 31, 2021

Mummorial Day

You can read the comic adaptation of The Mummy (1959) here.

Though she's not in the movie, actress Norma Marla toured the US to promote it in 1959.
She brought Ananka's sarcophagus, which she posed with as a half unwrapped mummy.

She modeled for sculptor Adolph Wolter in Indianapolis too.

He made this bust of her as ancient Egyptian royalty:

She also gave away copies of this record:

The Mummy by Bob McFadden and Dor has nothing to do with the movie.
But it was a hit, as you can see it:

It's the first track on the album Songs Our Mummy Taught Us released the same year.

You can listen to it here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Re-AniMay and Birthdays

The rest of May is all about Re-Animator (1985)
@halloweenmancom is hosting it on Twitter now!
(Sorry for the last minute notice.)

CavityColors just released a Re-Animator collection here which includes this tee:

There will be a FREE virtual Re-Animator reunion on Sunday!
Get all the info on it here.

Tomorrow is Vincent Price's birthday!
So I must share this faux movie poster:

You can buy it here!

Tomorrow is also Christopher Lee's birthday!
He was offered the role of Dr. Hill in Re-Animator, but turned it down.
Guess he was tired of playing reanimated corpses.
He played Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Mummy.
Speaking of which,
Monday I'll be posting about The Mummy (1959) co-starring Peter Cushing,
whose birthday is today!

Next I'll be posting about the REAL Re-Animator!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Aerobicide/Lucy Chaplin Crossover Comic

Terry Parr's Aerobicide: The Extreme Ninja Workout is teaming up with Drew Edwards' Halloween Man spin-off Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet!

 This comic has bodacious babes, pop culture references, gallows humor, and PUNK ROCK ZOMBIES!
Plus proceeds go to pay the high medical bills Terry was hit with after contracting Covid-19.

Aside from being for a good cause, this crossover aims to be - above all - a good time.
Following the leading ladies as they get pulled inside REVENGE OF THE CREEPING DREAD, an 80s horror flick with all that entails.
Together, Sheri and Lucy must fight to survive hordes of the undead while trying to find a way out of the movie and back to their own worlds. 

You can pre-order the comic on Indiegogo like I did here!