Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sons Of Kong DVD Set

I posted about The Ape (1940) and The Ape Man (1943) here.

The rest of the movies were new to me. Here's my synopses of them:

Two entertainers meet a mad scientist in Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952).
Bela is the scientist who turns the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis wannabes into monkeys.

The Gorilla (1939) features Lionel Atwill as a wealthy man and Bela Lugosi as his butler.
The Ritz Brothers hog the spotlight as bumbling investigators though.
They search Lionel's mansion for a killer called The Gorilla and a real one shows up.

The White Gorilla (1945) and White Pongo (1945) are very similar.
Both star a white gorilla who fights a black gorilla and grabs a girl.
White Pongo is better though.
The White Gorilla is mostly footage from Perils of the Jungle (1927).

Bride of the Gorilla (1951) stars a hairy Perry Mason. Well, his portrayer, Raymond Burr.
He's turned into a gorilla by a witch, to the dismay of his new wife played by Barbara Payton.
 I liked it, but wish Lon Chaney Jr played the gorilla instead of the police commissioner.

The Savage Girl (1932) and Nabonga (1943) are both about a jungle girl with a gorilla protector.
Rochelle Hudson in The Savage Girl and Julie London in Nabonga.
Nabonga is better though. Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon!) is in it.

A singer joins a scientist on a safari to escape enemies in Law of the Jungle (1942).
Mantan Moreland steals the show as the scientist's scared servant.
The gorilla played by Emil Van Horn is only in it for a minute, sadly.
Emil also played the gorilla in The Ape Man.
I'll be posting more about him soon.


  1. This was so cool! I love gorillas. But these films you mention, I've seen none of em. Do you have them on DVD?

    The only gorilla movie I've seen is King Kong, and even that, I think not all of it. Can't remember tho, lol. I hope you have that one too? ♥