Sunday, March 29, 2020

Shatner and Hitchcock

William Shatner turned 89 last Sunday.
So it's fitting that 99 Red Balloons by Nena played on the radio that day, since Captain Kirk is mentioned in it.
Shatner's character in Impulse (1974) hated balloons though. As you can see:

The lyrics to Son Of Sam by Elliot Smith reminds me of him and the video features a red balloon, so I must share it:

Just like Son Of Sam, he kills people. Starting with his mother's lover when he's a kid.

Speaking of mothers, Shatner is in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled Mother, May I Go Out To Swim? (1960)

In it, he thinks his new girlfriend wants him to kill his domineering mother. So he thinks of her as La Belle Dame Sans Merci from the poem by John Keats.
You can read it and listen to it sung in this video here.

Shatner was in another Hitchcock Presents episode, which I posted here.

He and Hitchcock were also both in an episode of Tactic (1959), a public service show about cancer.
In it, Hitchcock talks about fear and supervises a short improvised scene with Shatner playing a doctor and Diana Van der Vlis playing a patient.

You can watch a clip from it here.


  1. Happy Birthday to Captain Kirk. That scene with the balloons is so bizarre - especially the ground up into dogfood part.

  2. Hey sis! I just read this. It's bootiful just like you. I'll watch the vids soon too. Love you! Hope you're well ♥♥♥

  3. You've got to start with the smaller roles before you get awarded the big ones, I guess. Still, William Shatner will always be known as Captain Kirk; a most memorable role!

  4. Nightwind ~ I never thought that Shatner was Captain Kirk the very first time I ever saw him in movies. I was like, "Shatner? Who's Shatner?" lol ;) ♥

  5. Happy Birthday to Captain Kirk..
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