Sunday, March 29, 2020

Shatner and Hitchcock

William Shatner turned 89 last Sunday.
So it's fitting that 99 Red Balloons by Nena played on the radio that day, since Captain Kirk is mentioned in it.
Shatner's character in Impulse (1974) hated balloons though. As you can see:

The lyrics to Son Of Sam by Elliot Smith reminds me of him and the video features a red balloon, so I must share it:

Just like Son Of Sam, he kills people. Starting with his mother's lover when he's a kid.

Speaking of mothers, Shatner is in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled Mother, May I Go Out To Swim? (1960)

In it, he thinks his new girlfriend wants him to kill his domineering mother. So he thinks of her as La Belle Dame Sans Merci from the poem by John Keats.
You can read it and listen to it sung in this video here.

Shatner was in another Hitchcock Presents episode, which I posted here.

He and Hitchcock were also both in an episode of Tactic (1959), a public service show about cancer.
In it, Hitchcock talks about fear and supervises a short improvised scene with Shatner playing a doctor and Diana Van der Vlis playing a patient.

You can watch a clip from it here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Green Ghost With The Most

Slimer, who made his debut in Ghostbusters (1984), ruled the late 80s.
So I wasn't surprised when I found out he's the ghost of a King.

You can read the whole story in issue #22 of The Real Ghostbusters comic here.

Slimer had his own comic, which ran for 19 issues.

He also had his own cartoon, which ran from 1988 to 1990.

There was a plethora of Slimer products, from cereal to toothpaste.
Ecto Cooler was and still is the most popular.

It's appeared in movies and shows, including ALF.
Dinosaur Dracula posted about that here.

You can see ALF and Slimer in this PSA movie from 1990 here:

Ecto Cooler's latest appearance was in season 4 episode 4 of Rick and Morty.

That's Rick's hand holding the box. It was part of a dragon's hoard.
Speaking of which, I posted Dragon Treasure pudding here.

Have a spooky St. Patty's Day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A Vampire She Was

I had to buy that book after reading the intriguing synopsis here.
I loved it, especially the shocking ending.
I felt sorry for the guy being used by Theda though.
Just like The Fool in A Fool There Was (1915).
The film that made Theda a star and one of the few that wasn't lost in a fire.

Theda plays The Vampire who drains men of everything but blood.

Many women tried to be like her.
There's even songs about it.
Since Sarah Saw Theda Bara is one of them.
You can listen to it here.

Theda said "there's a little bit of vampire instinct in every woman."

She last appeared as a vampire in 1937.
At a costume party thrown by Mr. & Mrs. Basil Rathbone.
This photo from it was in Life magazine:

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Decker's Dark Dames

I watched The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947) recently and loved these paintings from it:

The first Mrs. Carroll as The Angel Of Death

The second Mrs. Carroll (Barbara Stanwyck)

I found out they were painted by John Decker.
So was this portrait of Joan Bennett from Scarlett Street (1945):

[It's the masterpiece of his 12 paintings in the film.]

And the lady on the calendar in Brute Force (1947):

This is the original:

She was a cadaver he painted at a morgue!
Decker died that same year. More info here.

Friday, February 14, 2020

The Ninth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

I bid you welcome...
Meet my new friend Nancy from Blood Of Dracula (1957):

She got out of hand, so I shrunk her and put her in that box.
You can see what she looks like out of the box here.

I used the shrinking formula from The Ketchup Vampires:

You can watch it and The Ketchup Vampires 2 on YouTube.
Both are narrated by Elvira!
It's the love story of a vegan vampire boy and a mortal girl named Bella.
Like Twilight, but good.
It's also the love story of these bats named Hugo and Rosy:

Speaking of bats and ketchup, meet Tyrone:

He brought bottles of his ketchup for everyone:

Rather use it as a condiment instead of a beverage?
Pop this Count Ketchup cap on the bottle:

Then squeeze it on a Big Mac, like Drac:
Scene from Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned (1980)

And this skull made out of fries:

Prefer smaller portions?
Have a McNuggula Happy Meal!
Admire all the sides of the box:

Then remove McNuggula from his bag and put on his hair:


We have more fanged fake food for dessert:
After enjoying the eye candy, mingle with the guests listed here.

Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

Monday, February 10, 2020

Gifts For Vampire Lovers

This plush clip-on Ice-Bat is a reminder to luv yourself:

Speaking of loving yourself, this Cunt Dracula will help fellow females do that:

If you have a mate, this Luv At First Bite Game is perfect for a Vampire's Day date:

Be sure to get Vampire Condoms to go with it, or without it.

This Bela Lugosi and Vampira coffee gift set will help you stay up all night:

You can pair it with this Bela Loves Vampira card:

I posted another vampire gift on Instagram here.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Halloween Man “The Valentine’s Day that Time Forgot!” Part 1 of 2

I received an advance copy of this comic which I posted about here!

It starts with information on the main characters.

Halloween Man is Solomon Hitch, a good ghoul.
Lucy Chaplin is his sexy mad scientist girlfriend.
They fight evil together in Solar City, Texas.

In this issue, their trouble begins at a club on Valentine's Day.

I love the rabbots and rabbat!

While watching an Elvis impersonator, a pterosaur crashes the party!
Lucy explains it's a prehistoric flying reptile, not a dino, but close.
On it's back is a vampire caveman!
Solomon kills him then the couple head to the place he came from.
The Lost World in South America.

There's more but I don't want to give it all away. Get the issue here!

It ends with the first part of a cosplay gallery.
It's called Lucy In The Lost World and stars the lovely Jamie Bahr.

I can't wait to read part 2!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Halloween Man “The Valentine’s Day that Time Forgot!” Indiegogo Campaign

Halloween Man is the weird adventures of an undead superhero and his sexy mad scientist girlfriend. Throughout its nineteen year history, Halloween Man Comics has strived to bring you the best artistic talent indie comics can offer.

This special two-part Halloween Man tale is a story of love, Elvis, vampires and DINOSAURS! Fusing elements from classic science-fiction like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, and Edgar Rice Burroughs' Caspak trilogy with modern cryptozoology, and other esoteric sciences, they've created an all-new pulp mythology, ripe for exploration!

When Solomon and Lucy's date night is interrupted by a caveman fleeing ravenous vampires, indie comics' favorite couple are bestowed on a quest involving both Lucy's family tree and planet Earth's prehistory as they enter a legendary plateau filled with giant monsters!

If quirky comics are your cup of T-Rex, here is your chance to show your support for this offbeat Texas original. Your donations will help finance their creative team’s production costs, as well as the printing and promotions. Help them roar like a Mesozoic monster and prove that indie comics can take on the big two by donating here!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Invitation to The Ninth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

I can't believe this will be my ninth bloody bash!
There will be more ketchup than blood this year though.
So I thought this picture was perfect:

Please share it and/or this post to promote the event.

To join, comment with your name and a link to your blog or social media account.
(Use #VampiresDaySoiree on social media.)
Then just post something vampire related on February 14 and link back here.
Be sure to come back here to "mingle" with the other guests listed below too.


Bob of It Came From The Man Cave!

Ladan of Writer On Wheels

_dahliajuly of

Nightwind of The Gothic Embrace