Friday, January 11, 2019

Japanese Halloween Treats from

Happy New Year!
I celebrated the start of 2019 and Japanuary by eating these:

Koala's March Halloween Chocolate Cookies

They're like the Hello Panda cookies I posted about here.
Bears celebrating Halloween on cookies with chocolate inside.
There's more than 10 characters though, as you can see:

I LOVE them and their box.

It includes this eye mask to cut out:

And shows how to make a bow:

Using a piece of cardboard from the top of two boxes:

I'll do that after I finish the second box.

Skeleton Ramune Candy Set

Ramune (Japanese soda) flavored hard candy bones are in the coffin.
On the back is a skeleton to show how to put the bones together.

Here's how my skeleton turned out:


With him are these candy Monster Stamps:

I had fun playing with them.