Monday, September 24, 2018

A toast to Jordy Verrill

I'm sorry Father Nate and I were late for Stephen King's birthday bash here.
I'm also sorry he stole the cake.
He's first in Amok Time's line of Creepshow (1982) figures sold here.

Their figure of Jordy Verrill (Stephen King) isn't made yet.
But you can get this custom figure of him covered in "meteor shit" here:

You can also get this model of his house covered in "meteor shit" here:

And you can be him for Halloween in this hoodie here:

I toast the poor lunkhead's ghost with this Meteor Shit cocktail:
Get the recipe here!


  1. This is so cool!!I'd never seen the house before:)the hoodie is hilarious!!!!
    How was the drink?
    I guess I'll forgive him for stealing the cake..wouldn't want to be her replacement:o
    Thank you for visiting!

    1. Thank you! I just saw I won prizes from your party too! You are the sweetest hostess!
      Sadly I didn't have ingredients for the drink, but I imaginarily drank it and it was delicious despite the name lol.

  2. Hey! I love this and I love you. Sorry I missed it I woke up a few minutes ago from dozing xoxo 💜