Monday, May 28, 2018

Mad Monster Figures

Say hello to my little friends and mini me!

Nurse Dementia and Queen Holly Ween are from

The Human Wolfman with custom brown hands is from

The original has white hands, as you can see in the photo below.

You can get all the Mad Monster figures and their castle here!

I'm early for a change! Get the event info here!


  1. did not think there was to be one this year....

  2. Yay I see me in the list! Can't wait to celebrate this important date lol. I love your postie and you too, my awesome bestie ♥ xoxo

  3. Nurse Dementia, Queen Holly Ween, and the Human Wolfman are all fang-tastic! And their castle pad is pretty spook-tacular too! I'm definitely going to check out that link for a closer look!

    Happy May Monster Madness, m'lovely! xo
    (You're the early bird this year!)

  4. Love your mini me :D ...and who made a wolf with white hands pfft! Well changed your Maj XXX

  5. The "Nurse" figure looks creepy .... cool !!

  6. Love your mini me. And dearest Joker has always been my favorite nurse. :-D

    Happy May Monster Madness, dear Holly.

  7. Thanks for the comments, my marvelous monster mates! xoxo

  8. Holly ~ as always, thank YOU for sharing your ghoulsome monsterness! ♥ xoxo

  9. Aw, those are cute and spooky!