Monday, April 2, 2018

Zombunnies 2!

Happy Easter! Sorry I'm late like The White Rabbit. sold the first chocolate zombunnies for Easter 2011.
It was an April Fool's Day prank turned product. Read about it here.

Sadly they quit selling them, but Sugar Plum Chocolates does now!
You can get them with or without a chocolate bunny victim here!

They bring these chocolate plagues instead of chocolate eggs:
You can get them here!

You can also enter to win the gory goodies in the video below,
by buying a raffle ticket(s) to Re-Animate The Horror Corner.
Get all the info on it and store owner Bunny's tragedy here.


  1. Zombunnies, I like that Lol. Thank you for sharing the chocolate "goodies". And they're kosher! ��

  2. A friend actually bought me a zombunny back then. I was going to keep it for nostalgia reasons but couldn't help but eat it ha ha

  3. I like that too, Jason lol. I've just shared the link for supporting Reanimate Bunny, Holly. Would love to share this postie too! it's so ghoulsome like you. Thanks for rocking it out sweet sis ♥ xoxo

  4. Love these! We might have to grab one next year!

  5. the bunnies look familiar..I used to purchase a lot from that site and I seem to remember those little faces, lol