Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wolf Devil Woman (1982)

The LSD-fueled battle epic from Taiwanese filmmaker Pearl Cheung Ling!
Writer-director-star Ling plays a woman who was raised in the snowy mountains
by wolves for one purpose -- to crush the evil warlock who slayed her parents.
Released by the same company that distributed dozens of Godfrey Ho ninja movies,
WOLF DEVIL WOMAN is an hallucinogenic onslaught of hyperactive kung fu brawls,
zombies wearing rubber Dracula masks,
and a final boss who has a Freddy Krueger glove on each hand.

You may have seen HAUSU, INFRA-MAN, and Francois Truffaut’s THE WILD CHILD.
But have you ever seen them all in one 85-minute sitting?
All hail Pearl Cheung Ling.

I HAD to see this after reading that description by Joseph A. Ziemba.
I watched it on Amazon and agree, we should all hail the lovely Ling!
This movie is awesome! It's also fitting for Christmas,
cause it features a baby who grows up to save people from the Devil,
a Rudolph, snowmen, and of course wolves.
(Find out what wolves have to do with Christmas here.)

I found out Wolfen Ninja is the same movie,
but with a different dub and missing scenes.

These would've been the perfect treat to eat while watching it:

Naughty Ninjas from my Creepmas post last year here.


  1. Wolfen Ninja sounds like a meanie lol. Love this postie! <3 xoxo

  2. Hey! Sorry I forgot to comment on this when I read through it this morning. Love all the pics, and the descriptions <3 xoxo