Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nomvember Begins!

First, check out the jolly Jack-o-lantern my buddy Chris carved:
You can see it lit on his blog here!

I'm honored he used this design of mine:

I didn't carve one this year, but had a plethora of pumpkin products.
Peanut butter and chocolate products too. Including these peepers:

They look like eggs unwrapped, which reminded me of this Easter photo:
The Peeps are maple, caramel apple and candy corn.
I actually got them last Halloween.
Saving them till Easter was a bad idea. They were in rigor mortis.
The bunny cereal was good though.

Speaking of cereal, I got a box of Count Chocula.
Couldn't find my favorite, Franken Berry, but I found his sperm! lol.

You can get it here. There's plush cat sperm here.


  1. Cool postie my sweet ghostie! lol. I remember the Easter photo. Franken Berry can be found at Wegmans my dear. I that and Count Chocula there :). We should toast to this rad post. Love you! <3

  2. *saw that, I meant lol sowwy :-p

  3. I'll have to look for the eyes next year! (and bats). No comment on the sperm. Lol

  4. that strawberry sperm!!! and all tose yummy choc/peanut treats :D XXX

  5. Some great Pumpkin goodies. I loved the sperm berry very cute.

  6. that cereal is so cool, I've never seen that here.
    I have a friend that uses peeps to make crafts..because they turn into rocks and never spoil.
    The strawberry sperm is cute:)