Saturday, April 29, 2017

Musical Muses

Hey! Sorry I've been MIA.
Happy belated Alien Day!

I'm thinking about bidding on that cool custom KooKoo Debbie doll here.
It's inspired by Debbie Harry's KooKoo album cover created by H.R. Giger.
They discuss the album and their two music videos in this interview:

This strange little G(host) bird I drew was inspired by an album too:

Garbage's Strange Little Birds:

More specifically these lines from this song on it:

"Such strange little birds
Devoured by our obsession"


  1. Awww I love, my sweet dove! Will check out the mooosic links soon. Btw where's your pic? I thoughts you was gonna share it here my dear. *whispers* Oops, I hope it wasn't supposed to be a secret that I just gave out! lol. I love you! <3 xoxo

  2. I love being inspired by the line of a song. People seem to look down on song lyrics as less than a poem, when that is infact what they are :D XXX

  3. Really interesting looking doll.

  4. I have one Living Dead Doll. Her name is Peggy Goo, kind of a spoof on Buddy Holly's song "Peggy Sue." Peggy was a car hop in life, but according to her death certificate, she died in 1959.

    Welcome back, Holly!

  5. As long as you came back for Alien Day, I guess we can forgive you for gone for so long. ;-)

  6. LOL Magaly. There is only but one Holly B Strange, whom we all love :). We need to have more of her!

  7. Honestly did not know they still made Living Dead Dolls but that one is pretty cool.

  8. Thanks for the comments my friends! Sorry I was MIA again.
    I didn't get KooKoo Debbie, but I got two other Living Dead Dolls from the same seller.
    I also saw another KooKoo Debbie on eBay the other day. 1 of only 2 Unbloody versions and #4 of 13. She's sold but I thought I'd share her pic anyway ~

  9. Thanks for rocking out your blog as always, lovely Holly. Keep at it girl, you rock! Love ya sis <3 xoxo