Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Roots of Mr. Potato Head

Are uncovered in this short horror film:

Mr. Potato Head made his debut in 1952.
He was just plastic body parts you put on a real potato then.

Mrs. Potato Head joined him in 1953.
Followed by more friends and family.

He got his plastic potato body in 1964.
And has worn many costumes from then to now.
I think this one is my favorite though:

Frieddy Krueger

You can get him and a Jason Potato Head here.

Happy belated National Potato Day!


  1. Hello miss Potato Head lol. Just read through your postie here my dear. It's bootiful. I'll look into the video now. Hope your other postie is going well. Miss ya ;) <3 xoxo

  2. Now that was an interesting film. I'll never think of Mr. Potato Head in the same way again.