Saturday, July 23, 2016


That song reminded me of this picture by Tylero88:
See an alternate version of it on my Facebook page here.

I was going to save the song for Music Monday,
but want to share this SDCC exclusive MH doll:

I got her! Tomorrow is the last day you can get her here!

Speaking of Monster High,
check out my friend Jaime with her Draculaura doll:
I love that she's rocking a Draculaura tee too!

I want to see a photo of YOU with a doll on the 31st,
which I've made Dress Up With A Doll Day!
If you'd rather not be in the photo, that's okay.
You can just post a photo of your dressed up doll
and call it Dress Up A Doll Day!

Don't have a doll? Print a paper doll!
Like this Halloween Betty Boop one:

Then cut it out, dress it up, take a photo and post it!

Or make a virtual doll here!


  1. LOVE your doll! I'd get one, but we can share her if you like :). As for a pic, hmmm... only dolls I gots are my teddies. Your friend Jaime looks awesome, just like your cousin Jamie! I miss her.

    1. I miss her too! She also spells her name Jaime. For the pic, you can use that Betty Boop paper doll or any paper doll. :)

    2. I'll see what I can do boo :) <3 xoxo