Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dad vs Doll in...

My favorite episode of The Twilight Zone.

The bad Dad's name is Erich Streator. 
He's superbly played by Telly Savalas.
The Doll's name is Talky Tina and I love her very much.
So much I'm applying to be one of her True Friends here.
June Foray voiced Tina and her inspiration, Chatty Cathy.
Tina was actually an altered Brikette doll though.
Here's one with a Talky Tina replica I really want:

If you haven't seen Living Doll,
watch this condensed version of it to see who wins:

Happy Father's Doll's Day!

I am sorry, Daddy by May Ann Licudine


  1. Great postie as always boo. I'm proud of you! Love you sweetie xoxo <3

  2. I just loved that Twilight Zone short! That was an awesome episode. Thanks for sharing!