Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bad Bot Battle #2

The Terminator (T-800) vs Hector from Saturn 3

Comment with the name of the bot you think would win to vote for them.
The bot with the most votes wins.

Everyone who votes on the battles are entered to win a $20 Vat19 gift card.
Which you can use to get this:

Terminator Coffee Mug

For those unfamiliar with Hector,
he's controlled by a crazy captain (Harvey Keitel)
who's after a sexy scientist (Farrah Fawcett).
But who can blame him? Look at her:

Sadly she never wears this awesome outfit in the film.
Just in a deleted scene, which you can get info on here.


  1. I'd definitely vote T-800. He looks rad! :) <3 xoxo

  2. I always liked "Hector" but his synthetic brain container could be destroyed much easier than a Terminator...

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