Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pullip Carmilla Review and Her Vampire Crew

Carmilla is my first full size Pullip.
Here she is with my Little Fantastic Alice Pullip,
so you can see the height difference:

As you can see,
Carmilla wears a primarily black and red velvet dress.
It's actually three pieces. A shrug, strapless top and skirt.
Underneath is a black tulle petticoat and black lace tights.

Yep, she's going commando!

Her accessories are a gold necklace, black heels and veil.
She also comes with a crow companion, stand, bio card,
two sets of fangs and double sided tape to attach them.
Which is one of only two things I didn't like about her.
I love that you can change them,
but it's so hard to get them to stick!

The other thing is her body being wrapped in plastic.
It was taped so tightly it was very hard to remove.

I adore everything else about her.
Especially all her eye movements,
which you can see pictures of here.

I got Carmilla on sale for $130 from Pullip Style.
She's sold out there, but still available elsewhere.
Unlike the first vampire queen Pullip, Elisabeth.
Who came out in 2010, 4 years before Carmilla.
Along with a vampire Dal, Byul, and Taeyang.

Pullip Elisabeth, Dal Ende, Byul Lilith, Taeyang Nosferatu

Sadly they all seem to be sold out everywhere.
The vampire Isul Vermelho is available though!


  1. Great job on this sis! Love the pics, and I love you! Sorry I missed your message, as I had fallen asleep. Hope we catch up soon. Miss you far beyond the moon! xoxo ��

  2. Excellent review! I think she is so adorable! I wonder why she was wrapped so tightly in plastic? I really love all the dolls!

    1. Thank you! I think she was wrapped so tightly in plastic for collectors who want to keep it on permanently, so the dye in her clothes won't rub off on her body. I decided to risk it though lol.

    2. Ooh you took off the plastic?! Dang girl lol <3 xoxo

  3. Can't decide between Byul Lilith and Taeyang Nosferatu. They are both bootiful. Hmm...probably Taeyang suits me best ;)

  4. Carmilla certainly seems to be a very popular vampire/doll these days.

  5. Sometimes I miss doll collecting but I love living vicariously through my doll collecting blogger friends! She's a fab doll.