Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Calling All Vampire Lovers!

Please join me for the Fifth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree.

Undrinking by Stephen Mackey

Simply sign up below and put the picture above on your site.
Then post anything vampire related on February 14th.
Also be sure to include a link back here
and use #VampiresDay on social media.

Speaking of which,
I had to switch from Google Friend Connect to Google+
You can follow there or by email.
Either way, thank you!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Musick Monday: Scream Queens Themes

Scream Queens was my favorite show of 2015.
These are the ladies that were left at the end
and the theme songs I assigned each of them:

Dean Cathy Munsch

Theme: Cold As Ice

Because she's cold as ice emotionally,
and at one point literally!

Chanel Oberlin

Theme: When I Am Queen

Because she wanted to be queen of everything.

Hester/Chanel #6

Theme: What Baby Wants

Because this devil in a dress got what she wanted.

Chanel #5

Theme: Perfect

Because she tried to be perfect,
but everyone thought she sucked.

Chanel #3

Theme: All The Things She Said

Because she couldn't stop thinking about Predatory Lez.


Theme: You've Got A Friend

Because if you call out her name, she'll come a-runnin,
if she's on the premises.


Theme: Somebody's Watching Me

Because Denise always had an eye on her.


Theme: Detective

Because she caught sneaky Pete red handed.