Monday, June 22, 2015

Meet the Doll Creator: Jacquelyn Rose of Clementine's Art Dolls

Sculpting dolls is a true passion of mine!
Specializing in one of a kind Dolls, Art Dolls & BJD's.
From creepy to beautiful,
all of my Dolls are hand sculpted with love & imagination.
You never know what doll may find you ;)

Edgar Allan Poe


Memento Mori

Mercy BJD

Visit her Etsy shop here, her FB page here,
and her feature from last year here for more.


  1. Awee Ellie and Mori look sooo sad :(. Nice to meet you Jacquelyn! If I could, I'd post a pic of my teddy here, but I see no option *sigh*....ah well.

  2. Absolutely perfect, so much talent!

    I especially love the Poe doll ♥

  3. Oh Yea! I knew Poe would be the popular one!! Sorry dollies, when a Poet is in the room.....crowds gather! Lolol. Lovely Art dolls, nice to meet you! thankU Miss Holly!

  4. WOW...these dolls are spectacular! :D XXX

  5. I love Jacquelyn Rose's dolls! So inventive, so cute in their creepiness. Just wonderful! The BJD is beautifully made.

  6. Wonderful little "sad doll" creations.... a very talented Lady....
    I clicked here because her photo reminded us of someone that we used to know.... but, due to her years of heavy drug abuse.... she no longer looks very "Pretty".... a long sad tale of a "lost Friend"....
    wishing you and yours a great evening , dear Lady Holly....

  7. Ah, Lady Holly...I like dat! I sometimes refer to her as milady :)

  8. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support!! A special thank you to the wonderful Miss Holly for featuring me here! I appreciate it very much from the bottom of my heart <3
    ~Jacquelyn Rose
    Clementine's Art Dolls