Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Monster Madness: The Fly Figures

First, here's a synopsis of the story:

This is from the Monster Gallery coloring book,
which you can see in it's entirety here!

The Fly art featured in it was used for the first Fly figure:
AKA Andre Delambre

A glow in the dark version was made of it too,
which you can see and get more info on here.

The Return of The Fly figure is bigger and better!
This photo and the one below found here

He's 12 inches tall,
comes with a detailed display base,
and the fly with Philippe Delambre's head!
"Help meeee!"

Check out this review for more info:

Sadly there isn't a Francois Delambre figure to fight them,
but you could use this Vincent Price figure sold here!

Fly on over to these other insane entomologists:


  1. Oh, those fly figures are awesome! But don't even get me started on the awesomeness of the Vincent figure! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D

  2. We had the "Mego-size" figure as a kid....
    ... and was lucky enough to obtain a 1/6th scale figure a couple of years ago....
    and we have the "Monsters" coloring book (which the first image came as well...) Always liked "The Fly" since childhood.... even read the novelization back then....

  3. I love absolutely everything in this post, but I neeeeeed that Return of the Fly figure! Every time I visit your blog I end up adding more things to my wish list, Holly! :D

  4. One of the freakiest films I remember from my youth..."Heeeeeeeelp Meeeeeee!" in that squeaky little fly voice! :D XXX

  5. Oddly enough I still remember that film " The Fly! It was well done . I knew you would enjoy this as well. Well done Miss Holly! xo

  6. Heyyy sis! Wow loved this postie, and the fly! But poor cat and dog, who have been experimented on by the doc lol. That was a cool synopsis. Vincent's figure was also very cool. I love you! xoxo

  7. I would love to have a Fly action figure...that is cool!

  8. I would love to have a Fly action figure...that is cool!

  9. My dad was a big horror movie buff, so I have seen the original as well as the newer one. I still think the old stuff has the biggest creep factor. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  10. I'll never forget that squeaky little voice saying, help meeeee. LOL

  11. I absolutely love The Fly, and your Vincent Price doll is perfect! ♥

    A brilliant post :)

  12. I didn't know there were figures! That's wonderful! I always thought the first film wasn't a horror; it was terribly sad. Is that just me?