Monday, May 4, 2015

May Mad Hat Day

Hosted by the marvelously mad Debi here.

Sorry I'm late for this very important date,
but hopefully my mad hat is worth the wait.

I thought up the idea for this undead unicorn hat
and commissioned Lolicrafts to make it for me.

Toxic Twosome

That's my My Little Demon pal, Corpsey Puff.
She's from MLD plushies series 1,
which you can get here and here.


  1. And a great "May Mad Hat Day" ( as well as "May the 4th be with You"...)

  2. Better late than never, I always say ... probably because I'm always late. It is a great hat though and definitely worth waiting for, Holly! :)

  3. That is a cute hat sis. I hope you enjoyed the day yesterday. Love you and miss you lots xoxo

  4. "Squeeeeeee.....!" LOL that hat is awesome hahahaha.....loving the "undead Unicorns" :D XXX

  5. Holly! your imagination is wonderful! Who doesn't want Unicorns to be undead?
    Brilliant Madness! And Demon Puffy is the perfect sidekick!
    Thank you so much for celebrating with us! I know where you live
    So I'm off to finish the PILE of thank you'd! Continued Madness and Joy!