Tuesday, May 19, 2015


VIDEOGRAM features over a dozen faux-trailers
created from snips and clips of cult classic flicks,
re-cut, reassembled and re-animated
to encapsulate the aesthetic aural vibe of each song!

Main brain Magnus Sellergren describes it as:
“A loving tribute to the VHS days of the 1980s.
It's just one big nostalgia trip for me.
[I set out to] recreate the vibe of all those video era trailers and videos.”

And he definitely did!
Fellow 80's horror fans,
you'll totally dig and often dance to this sick flick!

It sold out in a few hours, which proves VHS is still king!
But do not fear, you can get the digital version of it here!

It also comes with a VHS-master version of the "S/T" album,
which features all the twisted tracks from the video.

By the way,
if you love the VHS cover art as much as me,
you can get it on a tee for a limited time here!

Art by Jamie Vayda of Loud Comix


  1. I want all of this... must have, thank you my dear!

  2. Ooh, 3D glasses! I wore em couple times, they confoooz ma eyes! LOLL. Hugs darling, I love you! xoxo

  3. Holly this is fantastic! Great idea! Yes I love the whole concept! xDebi