Monday, April 6, 2015

March Mecha Madness Winner

First off, hope you all had a happy Bunday!
MetalHare by RalphNiese. Check out more scary hares here.

I ended up only doing two Bad Bot Battles, 
since there didn't seem to be much interest in them.

And the baddest bot is...

As you can see, you can buy your own life-sized Robby here!
If you're insanely rich that is.
If not, I'd go for this:

Robby The Robot Alarm Clock available here.

I assume it plays hits from the 70's,
since he apparently really digs them:

Check out his victory boogie!

Did you know Robby was also a Detective?
He even worked with Columbo!
Read all about Robby in Starlog Magazine #007 here.


  1. Oh I seem to have missed this project...Loved Robby, and the Metal Hare is awesome ...congrats to the winner :D XXX

  2. Cool pics! I hope you been well sis. I miss you xoxoxo