Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A toast to my favorite Host

Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira,
in celebration of her birthday!

And one to her pal Richard Kiel AKA Eegah!
Who sadly left this realm on the 10th,
just three days before his birthday.

I also want to toast my favorite Ghost Hunter,
Sharon Day of Ghost Hunting Theories,
whose birthday is also today!

Her and Elvira have another thing in common.
They both have one tattoo, on their shoulder.
Sharon has a lovely leaf, as you can see,
which represents Autumn.

And Elvira has the tat she sported in her first film,
which she got on the A&E show Epic Ink tonight!

Now I'll end this with a fitting song for Spectember!


  1. That you for the memory of this video! I had male friends who would be sure to watch Elvira on Friday nights , no matter what! xoDebi

  2. ...And Elvira never seems to age. Could she be a vampire by any chance? Happy belated Birthday Elvira!

  3. A toast to Elvira,and to you Holly,my wonderfully cool friend! A great post of a toast indeed!

  4. I can never forgive Elvira for scabbing on Maila Nurmi. So lame!

  5. Ha! Love the video, and your post is a fitting tribute to all :)

  6. I second Nightwind's theory!

    Raising my glass to Elvira and to you, gorgeous Holly - thanks for the fab toast post to your favourite host :D

  7. Happy Birthday to Elvira, Sharon and poor Richard Kiel!

  8. Totally loved Elvira the movie...wish we had someone like her over here <3 XXX