Monday, August 4, 2014

Kill, Baby, Kill (1966)

This post was written by my super sweet friend Conrad Widener.
It's in celebration of Mario Bava's birthday, which was Thursday, 
and National Doll Day, which was yesterday!

Without further ado, his review...

A series of strange deaths rock a turn-of-the century Carphanian village.
Inspector Kruger (Piero Lulli from Duel of the Titans) asks Dr. Eswai (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, also in The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave) to perform an autopsy on one of the victims and help him search for answers.
To reveal more would spoil your viewing of this masterpiece, 
skillfully directed by the late, great Mario Bava.
The film oozes rich Gothic atmosphere in every scene,
with excellent acting from a fine cast which includes Erika Blanc (Operation Atlantis, among others) and Fabienne Dali (The Erotic Touch of Hot Skin). 
Bava even adds some pretty awesome dolls to the affair!

I was fortunate enough to see Kill, Baby, Kill twice at the drive-in.
When first released in 1966 and then again in 1971 as part of the "Orgy of the Living Dead" triple bill under the title Curse of the Living Dead! I urge you to seek out this gem.

I would like to thank my ultra cool friend, the beautiful and talented Holly B. Strange,
for the honor of being part of her wonderful blog, and I dedicate this review to her!


  1. This looks like a good film to add to my Netflix queue.

  2. I'm always looking for new stuff to watch for my year long celebration of Halloween. Thanks for the info! Looks fab!

  3. I'm so glad you guys were informed by this post and hope you dig the film!
    We just posted about the other two films in the Orgy of the Living Dead trilogy here!

  4. Firstly, this is wonderful! I love those dolls! (I just can't be scared of dolls. Chucky just needs a repaint and some better clothes). I can't believe I missed National Doll Day, though! /sadface

    Oh, and blogger keeps eating my comments. Stupid blogspot.

    1. Every day is Doll Day for us though! :D Speaking of which, I'd still love to feature you/your dolls and I'm gonna go buy your wicked White Rabbit now! ♥