Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet the Doll Creator: Emma of Little Gothic Horrors

About the creator, in her own words:

I've always loved dollies, especially the creepy-cute kind!
I started making cloth dolls a few years ago
after reading Neil Gaiman's, 'The Graveyard Book'.
One day I was daydreaming about the little ghost children in the novel,
when I happened to glance over at a couple of Kokeshi dolls
I had bought when I visited Japan and was struck by inspiration.
I grabbed a notebook and began sketching cloth Kokeshi-style dolls with a spooky twist.

Unfortunately, I have more ideas than time when it comes to dolly making.
I'm currently working on some completely new doll designs,
but I'm such a finicky perfectionist that the process of creating
a pattern from my drawings is always a saga.
I tend to drive myself a little crazy trying to invent new ways of
making my ideas work three dimensionally.

A few of her creations:

For more, visit her blog here.

Do you create creepy dolls too?
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  1. Attempt no.3...... GOREgeous dollies....cute AND creepy :D XXX

  2. It will be interesting to see what new designs Ms. Emma comes up with.

  3. Love Emma's dolls! I love how neat they are and the clear, trong, design and the personality. Wonderful. I'm also intrigued to learn there are new designs coming?

  4. Thank you for hosting this dolly-a-rama, Holly! ❤ And thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! I was about to google "trong", Rhissanna! For a moment you had me thinking it was some kind of design element that I had never heard of! Haha.

    I hope other dolly makers, dolly collectors, dolly story writers, dolly enthusiasts, etc. will also contact Holly! I really want to see everyone else's dolly goodness! :)

  5. I love Emma's dolls and I think Emma is a great person too ;o) Can't wait to see the new designs ;o)

  6. Each creation is telling a tale! Of their " MAD" creator! Love each cheeky one! xoDebi

  7. Like all of you, I love Emma's dolls too! And am proud to be the parent of two of them! :)

  8. Emma's dolls have the perfect combination of creepy and cute :)

  9. Emma's dollies are just gorgeous, I love them! Can't wait to see the new ones! And that is a really lovely picture of their beautiful creator ❤

  10. Emma's dolls are magnificent. Their unique shapes, colors and facial expressions always leave wanting to know more about them. I suspect she stuffs them with purely delicious creepy fun!