Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Love Lucy

And hopefully she'll love me!

Lucy is the name I gave to this adorable dolly, 
whom I won from Emma of Little Gothic Horrors:

She's the second doll I've won from Emma actually!
(Yes, I am a lucky ducky!)
I can't wait to take/post photos of the two together!

I just hope Nurse Payne doesn't get jealous of Lucy.
Since she's long been the top redhead of Horrorland.

She's not the top nurse here though.
Oh no. Nurse Chika calls the shots!
Info on her here

Those are just a few of my red and black toys.
It's definitely my favorite color combo,
so I had to join this celebration:

Magaly Guerrero has inspired me to write stories about my toys too!

They'll be posted monthly, in a soap opera format.
And little Lucy will be the star,
so I'll call it As The Doll Yearns!
(Since I plan for her to pine for her sister's zomboyfriend.)
Unless I (or one of you?) can come up with another name.


  1. I look forward to your stories. I'd be terribly afraid to make Nurse Chika jealous. There's no telling what she might do. Nurse Payne, on the other hand, appears to know that she's awesome and probably has no insecurity issues.

  2. Congratulations Holly! Lucy will be over come with love and fun at your side!

  3. Congrats, Lucy is so cute! ^^ Not as badass as Nurse Payne and definitely not as sexy as Nurse Chika tho'...;)

  4. Congratulations :) I look forward to your stories :)

  5. Aww, your doll collection is adorably creepy! Can't wait to read the stories you come up with to bring them to life!

    Thank you for sharing these darling girls for this year's Red & Black Week!

  6. "As The Doll Yearns!"

    Hahaha. Brilliant! I cannot wait, Holly!! You and Magaly are making my little dolly-loving heart sing! ❤

  7. I am doing all kinds of dances. I can't wait to see your deliciously creepy dollies grabbing the world by the neck.

    Lucy looks very happy to be home, and I think Nurse Payne will be just okay. And Chika doesn't look like anything can ever bother her. And if it does... well, there is that ginormous stickler. ;-D

  8. Thank you all for the congratulations and compliments! ♥
    The stories will be interactive, so you'll have a say in what happens. :)