Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Halloween Man vs. The Invisible Man

Before we dive into The Doll Days of Summer posts,
I must review this awesome new Halloween Man issue!

This comic is not for kiddies, since it concerns killings at a Fetish Club,
which is owned by Claudette Rains (a nod to the original Invisible Man.)
The police aren't doing anything, so she goes to Halloween Man for help.

He agrees and sets out to put some terror into the killer known as The Terror.
That proves to be easier said than done though, as The Terror can't be seen!
But after stalking out the club several days, The Terror finally reveals himself.

Then he escapes in a classic hearse, taking Claudette with him!
Halloween Man tracks them down to an old funeral parlor,
where The Terror is conducting diabolical experiments!
This run-in results in Halloween Man losing his head, literally!

Can he pull himself together and put an end to The Terror?
You'll have to buy the book here and read it to see!

Why should you? Well to start with, it's 106 pages for just $1.99!
And there's background info at the beginning for first time readers.
Along with a forward by fellow comic creator Jason Henderson,
in which he describes HM as "a Halloween Treat that's good all year round."

That's so true. I love that HM is a flawed hero too, being a monster and all.

Monsters always pull at my heartstrings. The Terror/Invisible Man even did.
Some would consider it a gift, but like him, I think I'd go mad if I couldn't feel anything.
It reminded me of this line from the song End of the Dream by Evanescence:
"As much as it hurts, ain't it wonderful to feel?"
And that's what HM does, makes you feel.

P.S. Halloween Man: Eye of the Beholder is available now here too!
It deals with body image within the superhero genre and introduces the new Lucy!